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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Yeah. But, why do any of that when you can sell an overpriced product (in Canada anyway, Americans are getting great deal on these rides), make all kind of profits, make the new owner spend thousands on aftermarket mods so the vehicle performs the way it should, and now (GM) can dis-honour the warranty. Works great in their favour. Right?

Not sure about the US but I paid $53k for a Camaro SS / RS (stripes, IOM, GFX), plus $10k in engine / suspension upgrades (CAM, rods, dual springs, ceramic covered headers, complete new exhaust, rockers, cai, springs, end-links, swaybar, chassis & strut braces, labour, etc......). And, I got a fabulous deal on the car, parts and labour.

Would have been fabulous if GM engineers would have realized they could have given us 200+ additional HP's by putting on some good parts.
Hey, even throw in a Maggie SC (instead of the crappy one they'll provide with the Z28), boosta a'boost, fuel pumps, meth kit, and maybe some higher flowing headers, and stroked the engine all for another 175 - 250 more hps's.

Problem, is people will pay $80 - 100+k, for a BMW or Mercedes and have much less vehicle, but will complain if they had to pay $60-70k for a superior GM product with all the fixings.

I'm with you; People like to make dumb comments about how GM used the best parts and so on when in reality GM put the parts that would work at minimum spec. so they could make a substantial profit on these vehicles and still provide better value than most other vehicles in the same or higher price range, and people will realize that value and pay the price their asking. Really, in the case of the Camaro it's a win-win for everyone.

Currenlty, I have 470rwhp., add on a new pulley +10, new heads +20 - 40, new SC 150 - 200, new gears faster accelleration, et al. It all adds up, and if done properly with a good tuner, works just fine. So, for about $70; I'll have about 600rwhp., and no BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, or any other EuroTrash overpriced tin can could even think about overperforming my car on the street or track; Um, okay, unless of course it costs $300k or more. Suckers. LOL

People won't pay $200 + labour for a new pulley, but they'll pay $120k for a Nissan GTR, and break the entire drive-train when taking off in launch mode.
You're going to need more than 600whp to take on a Porsche 911 gt2 RS buddy.
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