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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
I'm going to wait for a track outing or two and see if I want to try the 3.0 or maybe a 3.2. I', hoping the 3.4 will keep me happy. I think over a 3.4 is taking a chance, at least that what everyone says.

When you go to the track, if you just have to try for more boost, add some race fuel to your tank and make sure it is going through the engine before making a hard pass. For a more permanent solution, add a water/methanol injection unit like a Snow Performance. But be forewarned, if you push the stock internals too hard they may break. The tricky part is no one knows on any given car what that point really is...

Enjoy it first with what you have. Traction will probably be your toughest challenge, not HP.
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