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I really like how everyone is thinking of ways to make a fun event even better. I loved the stock ZL1 class. It was lots of fun. I wish there had been more participants in it though. I thought we were going to have 8, but only ended with 5 of us. How do we get more stock cars involved and how do we get enough to separate manuals and autos so it makes it more fun for everyone?

I like the idea of index races too. If someone has a car that runs near the top of an index, say 11.7-11.9, they could choose to run in the 12.0 index.

I really only have 2 complaints and 1 of those may be my own fault, I don't know. I was unaware that awards would be given out for anything other than first, so I ended up leaving shortly before the awards presentations. Like I said, that may have been my fault that I missed it, and that I didn't ask anyone about it. I really have to thank Big Dave for texting me before I got too far away and I was able to get back for my 2nd place trophy. Even though I missed my name being called, at least I got my trophy and made the group picture. Very cool trophies by the way!! The other thing has been mentioned by a few others already and that was how hard it was to hear what classes were being called to the staging lanes if you weren't in just the right spot. Do we add some additional speakers for the PA announcements or maybe implement text messaging or some kind of real time status updates along with the current PA system, so it makes it easier to be sure you're not missing anything as a competitor.

Thanks to all involved in putting on this event! Great job!! Hopefully we get some cooler weather next year. It's funny how a week or two prior to the event, it was the perfect temperature, and then just a few days after it, it cools down again. It must be just how hot the Camaro is.
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