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I figured I would write an update on all this stuff...

So I had the system re-bled and the 2nd gear grind is alot better, its still there every now and then but I feel alot more confident pulling gears now.

As far as the hammerhead kit goes, this thing is a tank...I have been roll racing alot with it and its responsiveness is amazing. I am in love with the whole 1-piece driveshaft and how it feels. There are no vibrations at all and I have hit 150 mph with no problems. The best part is going racing or messing around with the car and not worrying about being stranded somewhere because I snapped an axle or grenaded the rear end (like I have done before with other parts). lol I know stuff can break (especially due to my driving style), but I know its not going to be the rear end this time. I have beat the snot outta of this drivetrain with no problems...last year, I was in the shop almost every two weeks fixing one thing or another.

I feel like this is the best this car has ever ran and felt overall.

So excited for Indy !!!!
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