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Welp mine is one more shipment from being crossed off the bone stock list. I think if there was not known head issues with the engine there would be more left stock. I also think there is a pretty big difference between a modified NA car VS one that someone added forced induction to. Personally I would not want a Z/28 with a blower or turbo as it takes away from the car was designed to be. As far as value I feel that's up to the buyer and what they are after. I would pay more for one with the right heads and cam over stock if the right parts and people built it. Again these are just my opinions. I just sold a truck I built with a supercharged LQ4 and I have to tell you, straight line acceleration was 100 X more fun than driving the Z/28 but if that's what I was after with this car I would have bought a ZL1..
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