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Originally Posted by Zabo View Post
If they charge you more than probably 100 bucks out the door for a clamped in piece then I'd go elsewhere. Deleting the muffler isn't all that hard on these cars; cut just after the axle, install bent pipes to chosen set of tips.

I've been tossing around the idea myself. With Cats it'll still be a little muted and raspy but if you can have a custom bent/extended Y pipe-back assembly made and you'd probably get the better sound.

Thing is that unless you don't have emissions regs you can't touch the Cats. You'd also have to do some tuning to the emissions systems if you ran true straight pipes from the headers due to the sensors.
Yeah they only charged my dad 50 bucks to cut out his stock mufflers and weld in the Borla Mufflers. So hoping it's the same for me.

No emission stuff here. I'm gonna run the straight pipes for a while untill I buy my headers then put them on, and if it's TOO loud I am thinking of either putting the LM2 Resonator in or putting the Borla XR1 muffler in, that sounds so good lol

I've got a buddy here that does some tuning so once i do my headers I will just get him to tune the code out if it throws a Check Engine Light at me lol
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