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Originally Posted by Dan1028 View Post
Very pleased about the MyLink screen. This is something I thought should have at least been an option at roll-out, but I guess you have to save some tricks for the mid-cycle refresh.

I'm curious, though: For the vehicles not equipped with nav, will the rear backup cam still be integrated into the screen, or will it be integrated into the mirror as the 2012's?

I'm also curious whether some "fun" diagnostics will be incorporated into the screen, or can be incorporated (i.e., useless gauges like torque, HP, etc. )

I still think the HVAC controls could have received an "auto" mode update, especially now that there's a screen that probably can integrate a lot of vehicle functions.
I think it stated in the earlier posting that the backup camera would be on the 7" screen instead of the rear view mirror..

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