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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Sorry guys for the late reply here... A lightning strike on Sunday knocked out my home PC and Modem. Finally got fixed this morning.

LMAO... You tree'd everyone you came up against. If there was a driver award it would be yours..

Here's the list from day one... these are all hard copy and it takes a bit of time to put together.

There were just over 600 runs for both days.

Attachment 409143

Attachment 409144

Make that 3 days with a flat tire in Shreveport.

Had to get a new tire on the rear and just replaced a front 3 weeks ago..

We originally started out breaking all cars out by street tires or DR's... then it just got to be too many classes as those with DR's definitely want to run them. So in an effort to keep it simple we went with the unlimited V8 and V6... Then a N/A class and brackets for everyone.

The M6 class came about due to discussions in the Drag Racing thread and was just an add-on for guys who wanted to give it a shot. I fully expected the A6 guys to chime in, but there were no objections. It also became our second biggest class and did help out with keeping some of the slower cars out of the V8 unlimited. Unfortunately it left the A6 guys w/ blowers and turbos in the unlimted class which was our largest class. We will fix this next year.

You make a good point about indexing, but I think now that we have felt things out for the 1st time, more street tire classes will be in the works as most folks drive to the fest and don't have room for spare tires.

The V6 cars had a very poor showing so this one could be just lumped into bracket racing, however we do want to show off our fastest V6 car somehow.

The past 2 Fests were just about running cars and just having fun with it, especially with all the new drivers. This was the first attempt at putting together some serious competition and it will no doubt improve as we go. The guys in the tower were AWESOME and gave us a lot of good tips going forward... especially while working AutoX and Drag Racing simultaneously.

This year, the main goal was to showcase our fastest cars in the finals and make sure everyone got plenty of test and tune fun runs down the track. With all of your help and constructive comments we will definitely get better next year.
You all did great...better each year...Next year should be awesome!

#229 was me
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