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Originally Posted by Rhino79 View Post
Thats pretty accurate. The baffling in the valve cover is allowing too much oil into the vaccum setup. This will get ironed out though and we'll see what the e85 brings. One thing it wont bring is detonation, which is freaking awesome. Its gonna be cool to have a nice 93 tune that will crank out 470 rwhp easy, and then crank it up with e85. Congrats on the setup man, its really impressive to see that kind of power through a v6 automatic with an unlocked converter.

Oh and this is on an unported stock tb, stock heads, stock cams, stock crank, stock rods, and forged pistons. Truth be told, the vaccum setup isnt really a big need, more of another way to help pickup some power at higher boost. The motor is quiet, and very solid. It made no less than 15 pulls today and never had an issue.

The efrs are serious turbos and the spool time is nothing. Squeeze the skinny pedal and its on!
I am impressed as heck man!! Awesome work. The EFR's are hard to fit, but they are amazing as far as spoolup and virtually no recovery time.

We run into the same thing with the OEM valve cover baffels. After so much boost there is oil slinging right into the baffels and until someone makes some good aftermarket ones with a better baffel system (not like almost all the aftermarket V8 ones with NO baffel).

Did you swap in the converter you had? If not, let me know.

I see deep 11's high 10's.

The current RX twin turbo LLT's are awesome up to 10# as far as tune, but thats it.

The Delphi ECU has so much more capabilities, and with the ZL1 lift pump along with the LFX higher capacity HPDI pump your proving the fuel is not going to be an issue.

Awesome job all!! (rhino your doing great!)

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