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HOLY SH!T those stripes make the car right there!

I LOVE IT! Then again, I'm kinda partial to that color combo...hehehehehe

On the sides, I'd either do away with them all together or probably not have them go from lighter to darker. We talked about doing black on mine. But, we also thought that might get it going to be a bit busy. Just don't know what to think about the sides.

How do you like the contrast of the silver on the gray? Personally, I LOVE the color combo. It's something I fell in love with on my wifes.....dare, I say, "Kia." Ever since then, I've always wanted the color combo on a sports/muscle car.

Really, I love it. Looks freakin' killer. I'd love to take a pic or two of ours sitting side by side!
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