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5th gen drive shaft area of concern.

found this one LS1 TECH.

Dont forget the 2 piece driveshaft which may twist/break easier needing replacement for a 1 pc like in the modded GT500's and modded Mustang GT's.

It will ride smooth though with less vibration into the cabin.

The 5th gen will be getting a 2 pc DS???
05 Mustang GT + 2.3 twin screw

yep, you can see it here

really not a suprise. just one more thing to swap that will pick up 10 hp and a tenth

The base engine for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro includes a 3.6L SIDI engine producing 304 bhp and 270 lb. ft. of torque. Standard transmission is an Aisan Warner, six-speed manual. A six-speed Hydra-Matic 6L50 automatic may be ordered. All models feature an independent rear suspension system as standard equipment. X10AR_CH012 (United States)
Yea. The new GT's have 2 pc DS from the factory also, and have seen some pretty good RWHP improvements by going to an aftermarket 1 pc DS. But for someone looking to stay stock or close to stock, the 2 pc unit does make for a really smooth quiet ride.

Well back when I had my V6 Camaro a lot of them came with 2 piece ones. They either had a 1 piece steel or 2 peace steel. If you had the 2 peace steel you could change to the 1 piece steel and lose some weight and if you wanted to spend some money you could go with the 1 piece aluminum out of an ls1 car to save even more weight.


I cannot really say how much my lt1 driveshaft helped my times since I did a rear axle swap and got 3.42s and lsd at the same time. but either way it is lighter then a stock 2 piece one, usually only costs like $25, AND most important, is likely not to have a center bearing go bad, and cause problems(like mine did)

here are some pics for comparison same years:

2 piece steel
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