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I tried to order white last Friday (7/03) and was told by the dealership that GM was not accepting orders for white yet. The owner of the dealership is wanting white and they cannot order his car yet.

My salesman said he can take my order, but cannot enter it in the system yet and it could be the end of July. Is this true?

I did order yellow, which was my second choice,,,,,,,
8/11/09 ordered Summit White 2 LT/RS with Eric at Classic

1100, Prelim. order accepted # 08/11/2009
3000, Accepted by production 12/17/2009
3300, Scheduled for production 12/23/2009 tpw 1/18
3400, Broadcast 01/07/2010
3800, Produced 01/21/2010
4000, Available to ship/bayed
4200, Shipped
4300, Intermediate delivery
4800, Bayed
5000, Arrived at dealer 2/01/10
6000, Delivered to the customer
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