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Originally Posted by carfansince73 View Post
I have the Hotchkis Track Pack which includes their lowering springs. When I had my car in for an alignment at the Chevy dealer, he said he couldn't get the camber right and was going to have to drill out the mount. Ended up that he could not get my wheels off since the key I have for the lugs was misplaced so he did not do any drilling. In the end, he said that he got it right (I'm doubtful since I didn't get a printout showing the final specs in green).

I guess my question is should I expect camber issues with these drop springs on the stock struts that can't be adjusted? I have noticed my inner front tires wearing more than the outside.

Thanks for any help.
1. With lowering coils, your Camaro can be aligned with the range specified by the factory.

2. With a tech that says I have to grind, but I couldn't and your alignment just magically fell into place and we don't have a print out so we don't know what the specs are your only option is to get a real alignment.

3. Print out the alignment information a couple of posts above, go back to the same shop, review it with them and ask them to do this one on their dime or find a new dealer and start from scratch.

4. The only limitation on alignment with a lowered Camaro compared to a factory height Camaro is rear camber. The lower you go the higher the negative rear camber will become. This is a priority with wider than stock rear wheels or to optimize handling or drag launches, Th fix is simple. Replaces the factory camber eccentrics with Justice Pete Signature Series Rear Camber bolts that have an additional 1 degree of adjustment. Part Number HW-CAM8-R-CAM-ADJ
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