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Originally Posted by nallen00 View Post
Now, to get something off my chest:

The LLT programming is viable and has been viable since December. This has been proven on both bolt-on and forced-inducted LLT's. In stock form, the LLT is in an extremely high state of tune. Vince informed his testers that there may be little or no gains, and still I'm reading posts about flawed programming/poor customer service. If you're testing a performance product with the knowledge that it may have little or no affect on power, you don't announce that the product itself is flawed. And if you do, don't announce that you've been treated unfairly when said company cuts you off...

Scrming, thanks for your detailed/unbiased reviews

- Nate
First off, I never said the program was flawed. I said (at that time) it wasn't ready IN MY VIEW as a tester. The claimed 20 HP gain was unrealized on mine and Scrming's cars. You guys have since come out with a rebuttal that the difference must have been due to the Airaid intake. Well, I have the Airaid and I have shown, in real world track testing that that is an inflated claim "in my opinion".

We ( the membership) see claims for new products all the time and it is up to us to test and evaluate these claims. I was providing, what I felt at the time was, a service to the members here by putting the claims to the test. What has surfaced since is, what I believe to be, the true colors of the people involved with this product.
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