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Originally Posted by Beauwulf View Post
What has surfaced since is, what I believe to be, the true colors of the people involved with this product.
If you're referring to our investment of more than $1000 for testing, and the more than $2000 of product that Trifecta and ARH have provided free-of-charge (for our project alone), then those are some brilliant colors you're talking about

So Vince is evil, and it's his diabolical scheme to fleece an entire community with faulty product and unsubstantiated claims...? The only contribution you've made to this product are complaints, and you're complaining about the very caveat that was explained to you before testing began. You're also the only one complaining...

We'll have definitive numbers on the 24th. We're testing baseline (untuned), headers (untuned), and headers (tuned). Our tester is currently fitted with JBA shorties/no tune, which should give us solid data for comparison. I'll have results posted that evening.

- Nate
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