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Yeah, I don't have any problem with the engines. If the power and torque are there, with good transmissions, and they beat the competition, I don't care if they put a turbo-charged Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine under the hood (which I guess would make it a rotary ).

The dreaded "premium" comment is the one that raises my eyebrows. While I'd certainly hope that GM keeps the car priced competitively, and GM seems to be on a roll with making smart decisions lately, it wasn't too long ago that GM was trying their damnedest to be put some underwhelming cars at the magic $35K price point it seemed to love so much. A part of me is concerned about the price, as any higher than "competitive-to-a-Mustang" would pretty much put the V8 out of reach for me.

Good thing there are going to be a lot of choice for shoppers looking for RWD coupes when the Camaro debuts...I think the pressure to not mess up the pricing will be good enough to keep the cost reasonable.
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