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Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
RotoFab is at it again
LOL, before this weekend I may have agreed with you I actually got to meet Mike from Roto-Fab this weekend and talked to him for awhile. He was a great guy, really surprised me actually how friendly he was given the shirt I was wearing when I approached him, and he was really down to earth and sincere. Talking to him was probably one of the coolest parts of my weekend, and it was refreshing seeing that they seemed to share the same mutual respect as we do for them on a professional level. -Bill @ CAI Inc.

OP- Thank you for keeping your car in our booth, I can't believe that something like that happened, especially considering we were only a few feet away 99% of the time. I really appreciate you parking the car in our booth, and am sorry that you have to deal with that, nothing ticks me off more then theft!
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