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I don't post up much, have been fortunate enough to have some of GM's coolest vehicles (c4 vettes, c5 Z06, LS2 SSR, CTS-V, now the Camaro SS, and misc. trucks)- thanks to Blasius Chevrolet in CT, I've had tunes and other mods done from all over the country, some, members of this forum and vette forums. I urge you to make life simple- trust Chuck at COW. He mechanically understands these Chevrolets and the tuning effects in a more involved sense than any of the tuners I have experienced. We roadrace another series with Honda power cars and have run numerous tuning issues by him because of his insight. Chuck can go into datalogging many features and fine tuning above what most of us even need, especially for the street. I already spent the time and energy, just call Corvettes of Westchester and remember not to be afraid of "mods" -cams, heads, headers, suspension.. HAVE FUN! Let the COW do it with you! You'll have someone to talk to after the check is issued!
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