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Place your bets...What day will we see the CGM camaro!

Congratulations Mac1!!!!!

I call February 9th

Pick one day please.

Winner will gain !

It has to be a real deal pic. No more of this BS. No bodies without frame. Has to be a full legit Camaro with Cyber Grey Paint on it from top to bottom.
Mods move this if you want to I don't care. Thought it would get more hits here. The thread doesn't have to be up long. just gimme a date guys. A quick guess will do! No need for discussion, cause this has been beaten to death. Thought this would help pass some time.

Red text means your a loser. I expect to see a lot of red text.

Jan 29: Pony crusher: 2 hours from now which would be 6:32 tonight

Jan 30: jeffny09

Feb3 Chemical
Feb 09: C_C
Feb 10: Parker
Feb 11: thejbyrd
Feb 12: hdhomer
Feb 13: zebra, Shifty_6, playhard67, 70/10_Keith
Feb 14: Silver streak, FenwickHockey65, Edrock, Jimmy
Feb 15: Badger
Feb 16: Kanys, camaro68, Rob490
Feb 18: FirstLSK
Feb 20: Ant, 2010_5thgen
Feb 22: nester7929
Feb 25: CamaroDude
Feb 26: ljustin293
Feb 28: Rockdawg
Feb 29: SScattergunSS

March 01: Drivingincamaro
March 03: In_a_hurry
March 04: Pizza_jim
March 05: Thwick
March 08: Stoutfiles
March 10: Redwolf20
March 11: Supermans
March 12: Mutant_chicken, Matrix
March 14: COPO_chevy
March 15: pinkcamaro10, gotpball44, mistercamaro69
March 16: Croathlete
March 17: irpq11, JJ#48Racing, Larkville?, cosmin_haraga
March 18: Ctrain24
March 20: djsnoflake
March 22: ZYAL8R
March 23: pharmd, shifty_6

March 25: gtahvit
March 28: Caliman93230
March 30: mlee
Marxh 31: Jman311

April 01: CamaroScotty

April 02: 2Scoops
April 03: Milk1027

April 15: Mac1
April 16: tjbusa, 35th02ss
April 17: SS2CGM
April 20: jc211, porcupinekiller
April 22: ArcAngel
April 28: Rodrunner

May 16: miamimatt

August 3: sae05 (Good luck man, I am sure as shit that I hope your wrong though)

Cold Day in Hell: gtjacket, 2ssrs

Disqualified: lil_chef - Pace car at daytona Don't have an date for unveiling of the pace car...

Tag i'm not sure what day that is

I also don't know if the camaro is the pace car wheter or not that should count. Pace car decals won't be a factory option. :thinking: But I went ahead and put dates down that I saw.
I am seriously never serious vv V vv Next order of business

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