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2011 Z/28 Camaro "Reality"

By now everyone on this forum has the information from GM that they will not be manufacturing a 2010 Z/28 Camaro. "FACT" Many forum members are still holding out for the almighty Super Charged Z/28. "I was one of these people" The "FACT" is it is not going to come out with a blower. The Z/28 in 1969 was built to compete in Trans Am racing."FACT" The best shot of getting a Z/28 back is to trace it to it's roots. The LS3 power plant is a good motor so how do you make power out of a motor/platform that is good to start with? REDUCE WEIGHT! Build a 2011 Camaro Z/28 with the thoughts of racing, make the car light as can be. My thoughts are to have a 1LE type package but with over the counter parts through GM avalible such as factory header, exhaust, special ground cams, etc... This car would be stripped of comfort features like leather,power windows,air conditioning etc... Have the car come in at around 3,000 to 3,200 LBS. With bolt on parts as I described above this would indeed be the car to own and it would be cheeaper than a super charged Z/28. This car would be faster and lighter than a super charged car hands down! The Shelby is a pig! Check out the power to weight ratio. Look at the new Challenger's power to weight ratio. Pig! My friends the Z/28 can be built cheaper and lighter! Let start to think forward instead of backwards! Jeff
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