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haha thanks for the hug Bumble! Its nice to see the fruits of my labor are appreciated. wait until you see the rest of the car!! ya its pretty pricey for the radio. but well worth it. the clarion unit that i put in has built in bluetooth, support for ipod/ipod video/usb, as well as xm, and divx video. that particular unit have a 40gb HDD Nav that plugs into it, and its FAST!! boots up in about 3 seconds. no more wait time like the pioneer units. and all the factory onstar, onstar nav, door chimes, and of course HVAC are all still fully functional.

just so all the bases are covered i want to give props to my painter for the killer color match and the molding of the dash. he does some killer work! he also did a bunch of other things on the car, but ill put all that in the full writeup.
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