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Glad to know I'm not going crazy. My girlfriend is in the same category. She bought her camaro 6 months ago and on a trip I was driving the airbag light would go off. I pulled off the road, had her bounce around in it, get out and rebuckle, the only way I could get the airbag back on is to have her outside the car and turn the car on and then have her get in and rebuckle. Took it to dealership and they said quote "just don't sit that way." So she has to have the seat completely straight up and itl work 60 percent of the time. That's not good enough for me and I'm pissed GM is willing to have that be a lawsuit.

That was a couple months ago and stil unresolved. In the last 2 months since that its been in 3 times for 2 hvac replacements and the computer system completely replaced, and the defroster is blowing exhaust into the cabin after they repaired that before.

Its going in tiomorrow since now the v6 automatic wants to shift into neutral and high rev out of nowhere, and gettin on the freeway mutliple times with her driving, it will stay in one of the lower gears and not want to upshift or make a grinding awful sound. Sitting in a drive thru last night the engine sounded like someone had a baseball card in the spokes of their bicycle with a constant clicking sound. Its got 6k miles on it.

Anyone shared the issues?
My bestfriend already sued GM over his 2010 v6 manual that was a lemon and had 2 transmissions and they coulddnt fix the cluttch system and had it in the shop for 40 days so perhaps GM is just being GM?
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