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I have the same issue. My wife weighs 160 lbs. About 50% of the time, it reads off. I have had the sensor replaced twice, the controller once and all of the firmware updates.

I spoke to the tech and there are 11 levels associated with the airbag sensor. GM does not divulge the logic but the first time she sat in the car for them, it read OFF. The level was 4 based on the ODBC computer interface. The next time she sat in the car, the level was 6 and it read ON, so they can reproduce it.

Level 4 is apparently a small child. We then sat in a dozen or so Chevy cars. All of them read ON. In addition, multiple dealer employees with multiple weights reproduced the problem in my car, so it appears to be intermittant with some cars and very reproduceable.

GM will not fix it and stated the car is behaving "within the design constraints".

I am in the process of contacting BBB and NTSB to get a new car. Stay tuned.
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