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I have the exact same issue with my new 2012 LS. It seems that when I pick up people and the car is already running the airbag will not turn on. It will recognize if a passenger is not wearing their seat belt, but still keep the airbag off even when they put it back on. Have you had any luck with the NTSB or BBB?
They gave me a loaner car when I had moisture in a reverse light... but said they couldn't give me a loaner while they fix one of the main safety features of my car??? Seems odd that GM would ignore airbags being off. If it would cost too much for them too replace all of the sensors and computers couldn't they just keep the airbag on all the time? If I get into a head on collision i'm not really worried about the extra cost of replacing my second airbag even if there isn't a passenger there. These threads are really going to help GM when someone sues them because their passengers face is stuck to the inside of their windshield.
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