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Originally Posted by MellowYellow View Post
All Automatics come with what is called TORQUE MANAGMENT !!!!!!! it bogs down our A6's from out of the hole and basically makes us feel we bought a lemon. This new Camaro has it very badly and so does the Vette ( basically every car with the A6 automatic has it very bad ) Get your car tuned that turns it off and watch this car screamed.

My brother did this with his Vette and I just did this with my Camaro and WOW

This new Camaro is fast but a dog with a board in its ass from the factory.
Get it tuned and watch the first gear 4.03 show you how it screams out of the hole.

best way to launch it after a tune....... drop it back into M the car does not start in 2nd it starts in 1st after a tune. Turn on the traction control or it will spin tires like crazy and mash on the pedal and hold on lol TRUST ME.
This is great news! By the way, are you able to chirp 2nd, or even 3rd?
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