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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
The car starts in 1rst gear in S-mode, you don't have to be in M-mode. I ran at the track last night and the best 60' time I had was 2.147. It was so hot and humid though, real nasty last night. My best run was 13.8 but I walked by friend's Challenger R/T every run. There was a Charger SRT8 with Magnaflo's running 13.9s.

I plan on getting the car tuned soon, but first I'd like to know if I'm getting everything out of it now.

What are the stock shift points in s-mode when WOT? Are the optimal or will I get a little more in m-mode but I'm afraid of hitting the rev limiter. Also, my car shifts into 4th before the end of the 1/4, is this normal?
What was your trap speed?
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