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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Sometimes I think my car ran stronger before the ported manifold, but of course, I can't say that for sure. You'd think it should add up to more power, and some people say they felt the difference, and I think there is a dyno or two out there showing the gains. But I just never really felt much from it.
Agreed, I do feel a difference but it is no as dramatic as stock-vararam was. I think that might attest to how good the gains are that the vararam provides. I trapped 96-97 stock, now I consistently trap 100-101 with A LOT of different wheel set ups(street tires 18 and 20s, DRS 18 and 20 inches). Just haven't been able to get a good 60'.
I'm hitting the track within 2 weeks so that will prove what the manifold and spacer do. I'm hoping for a minimum of a 102 trap, ideal conditions and if the gains are true, it should trap at least 103-4.
Originally Posted by nikos30 View Post
talking about the battery being disconnected....

For the third time of me owning this car, the nut was not tight enough on the negative side of the battery and I couldnt start the car for 40 minutes. I have subs in the back so I cant physically reach the handle to open the trunk. im about 5'9.

I then got a ticket for being in the spot too long because I couldnt start it.

What a day.
Lmao damn that sucks. Cops are od in this area in general man lol NJ and NY are tough.
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