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Originally Posted by SSPooler2010 View Post
In June 09 we ordered our 2010 1SS. Two days later after reading up on this forum I went back and upgraded to the 2SS. I really wanted the USB option for my Ipod ( yeah this is the female pooler not the male) but I also figured that for $2300 I should upgrade because I didnt want to kick myself for not spending the little extra to get the 2SS. Anyway, after some problems with the dealership and a call to the Customer Relations Number the car arrived and we picked it up on 9-18-2009. I had the car in the shop the following week with a problem with the USB feature. I would be driving and then all of a sudden it would stop playing the IPod and give me a "No Data" message and kick me over to the radio. Not long after the first trip to the shop we were dropping it off again for the same problem. And again. Skipping forward as the car was "stored" at the end of November because of the nasty winters here. April 1st we took the car out of storage and got to drive it again....still same problem. I took it back in to the dealership AGAIN (FOUR TIMES FOR THE SAME PROBLEM). Atleast this time they were telling me that there was a service bulletin and I am being told that there just needed to be basically an operating system update. So I dropped the car off and was given a base model ford focus that drove like crap. I was not pleased. Anyway getting off topic supposedly this fixed the problem... yet it still happens everytime I am in the car. I called customer care yesterday and was told that they would call me back yesterday. I finally get a return call after 2pm today. I called them back only to be told that it was immediately escalated and that I would get a call tomorrow afternoon. I asked to speak with a Supervisor or Manager twice I called for this only to placed on hold for over 20 minutes each time. Then they would come back and tell me that a Supervisor or a Manager was not available.

I am SOOOOO aggrevated. I LOVE this car but I am really tired of having to put it in the shop and having to drive a little crap box around instead of my gorgeous car. I am blessed that I didnt have to finance the car and I paid cash....So I have to tell you I am sorely tempted to sell the damn thing and go with something else. I was patient about all of this until the last time it was in the shop. It should not take 5 trip into the shop to fix a problem like this. But no one at GM seems to care that I am upset or even understand WHY I would be upset about this.

So far I am NOT impressed with the customer care department. I am truly hoping that they surprise me.
I just sent you a PM, with my email address and what info I need to escalate your issue. Sorry for the problem. Hopefully we can resolve it to your satisfaction.
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