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Originally Posted by OuSoonersGirl View Post

I'm just kidding...I'm just kidding....don't hit me

I like the purple color.
HAHA aren't we funny

Originally Posted by Snuggles View Post
Very bright and good lookin Chris

I was big into the underbody neon back in the day, never considered doin it to the Camaro, but if I did it would be just straight RED to match.

Looks good though bro!
Thanks! I bought them thinking that I would have an option for orange and then when I put them on I quickly realized that I didn't have that option..I was have purple but not orange. COME ON! I do like the red with the gray...definitely hot looking!

Originally Posted by Mark A Collier Sr View Post
I don't mind them and even think they are kinda cool looking. HOWEVER, I do not like the intensity. Looking at the pics, you can tell where the light is coming from and it takes away from Subtlety. It needs a diffuser to break-up the light to smooth out the appearance. It would look MUCH nicer if it was a soft glow under the car. What would one or two lights look like down the center of the car? The intensity would be unnoticed that far under and the glow would go out all around. I would do Blue IF I could make it look right!
I know what you mean. The lights look much brighter than they are but I do have a switch on the controller to control how bright they are...I just have to read the instructions and I hate reading instructions
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