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Originally Posted by Buschman View Post
The way I see it is the rules are set. You either play by the rules or go home.

I'm gonna play.
The last time I checked, I don't believe a decision has been made.
Originally Posted by mlee View Post
yes, that capability exists and we will consider it.
I understand and appreciate the differences between the two types of trees. I am not new to the drag scene. I still prefer the Sportsman tree, despite all of its perceived "disadvantages".

Telling me to practice or to get used to the pro tree is somewhat of a cop-out can practice and get used to a Sportsman tree just as easily as I can practice and get used to the Pro tree.

If you are only getting 1 qualifying run due to Camarocross, etc.,then on your 1 run, wait till the green light is on for awhile then leave and do your normal pass. We are matched up according to E.T. only and reaction time does not even enter into it. If you turned the fastest E.T. in your class but had an abysmal 3 second reaction time guess what, you still qualify first.

Having said that... if despite all of this, we are having a problem filling the class because everybody is redlighting, then why not ignore the redlights during qualifying? ( again, during qualifying ONLY) If I am the slowest in my class and I turned a 12 flat, what difference does it make if I redlighted? A 12 flat with a redlight is the same as a 12 flat no redlight as far as who I'll be paired up against. Ill be paired up with the class number 1 qualifier either way. Then everybody gets to race and no one is left out because they were juggling events and redlighted on their only qualifying run.

I don't see Redlighting as this horrible problem. Sigh....

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