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Originally Posted by Kyle2k View Post
I'm kind of curious about the "sweet spot" comment and the Maggie too, ADM has built cars that make 1000RWHP on a built 427 (as I recall)

I doubt they did it on a stock TVS2300 though. Hennessey went back and forth directly with Magnusson swapping parts for almost 2 weeks and in the end the agreement was (as I understand it) that the 2.3 liter TVS2300 just wasn't happy pushing enough air at enough psi to make my application happy. When they spun it hard enough to get the pressure we needed it was making too much heat because it was out of its efficiency range ON MY APPLICATION. Its perfectly happy on a mostly stock LS3 though which is what it was designed for. Its a damn fine piece of kit so I'm not knocking it whatsoever! We could have just moved up a model to a higher volume unit but its designed differently in regards to the heat exchanger etc and Hennessy and I were both eager to try out twin turbos once we started looking at options.
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