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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
I'm looking to power one ten inch sub. The models I'm looking at are the IDQ10V3.D4, ID10D4 V3, or the JBL Powerseries P1024.

The current amp I am looking at, recommended by 2010Sin is the JBL GTO7001, which the lowest I can find is around $216.

My question is, are there amps that are just as good for less money that would work for any of those subs? I don't want to get a crappy sound just to save money, but I'm wondering if there are better deals.

I'm looking at the grand total for the sub, amp, ******** enclosures and budgeting $100 for Steve's harness (hopefully won't be that much, just a guess) and it's kinda steep for me, between 750-850 depending on the sub.

Also, for anyone who is experienced with ID subs, how much difference will I notice between the ID10 and the IDQ10? What are the advantages? Is the IDQ worth the extra $80 or would the ID10 do the job? I guess I just don't know enough about these things to know how much I need to spend to get a good sound.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate all your help.
if you buyh a pre built enclosure you will have to use the ID10 not the IDQ... the IDQ is actually an 11" sub. will not fit standard configation prefabs. the IDQ's performance is probably twice that fo the ID10. very transient and acurate. does not have a stamped metal basket to resonate. is "field serviceable" meaning if for any reason the cone/voice coil assembly should go bad it can be replaced with out have to send the sub in. the ID series are good subs, the IDQ is worht every bit of the 80 bucks and more. but again will not fit a traditiolal prefab mounting diameter.

I think for what it sounds like you are trying to accomplish the ID10 will work quite well for you.

Side note... more power from the amp means you will use less of the gain to level match in turn will give you more "headroom" which will equate to better sound quality. (amps does not have to work as hard.)

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