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Introducing Camaro5's new member!

My fiancÚ and I welcomed Zachary Michael Alexander Webb (AKA Alex) into the world at 12:56 pm last Tuesday. The camaro was his chariot on the way to the hospital at after moms water broke at 430 am. If any of you know of the show called one birth every minute on lifetime we were on it and it will air next season. It's a birth show that's filmed here in Columbus Ohio. The original plan was to take him him in the camaro also but mom was too sore to climb in the back seat with him so we took moms car (Nissan maxima). We have a camaro power wheels car that will be ready for him when he turns 3 or so. Trying to find some camaro stuff for him. Say hello to Alex

Here's the newest mod to the car. Ignore the rain spots. Been raining a lot.

His first camaro

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