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Originally Posted by Snorman View Post
What do Van's posts on SVTP have to do with this thread? If anything, you stirred the pot by cutting and pasting them here, then bitching and moaning about them.
First you're right I did stir the pot and if I came across as b*tching and moaning I was more just p*ssed. When I saw the first post I said to myself that I bet he's baiting someone over here and talking trash on SVT and ..... well you've read this thread. Anyway my thing is do you really want to race or are you trying to make someone look stupid? If he would have posted that trash here I would not like it but I would respect it at least because you're showing everybody who you are and what you're about regardless of whether anyone likes it or not. If I post something on C5 I will post it on SVTP but you won't find Taser Deployed on SVTP because I have no interest in being a member of the forum. If someone wants to race him that's good and if they win or lose it won't prove or change anything. My posts are more or less to let people know exactly who they are dealing with. I don't know the man but I just can't respect that. That's not how I handle my business but it's obviously the way he handles his.
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