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Magnaflow 3" ZL1 15053 Cat Back Sits Low

I installed the Magnaflow 3" ZL1 Cat back tonight. The x-pipe part can fit two ways, but pipes didn't fit great one way, so I swapped it so it's offset down slightly. The middle pipes are Driver side and Passenger side, but they weren't marked. The diagram showed a longer straight portion at the exit of the passenger side one, so that's how I installed it. Things line up well and sounds great. The x pipe assembly is very close to the body in one place on.both sides, but other than that good clearance from the body. But back by the rear diff the pipes come down low before coming back up to the mufflers inlets. All slip.fights are fitted property and clamped up nice.

Is the very low ground clearance in the rear diff area normal for 3" Magnaflow systems?

Any under car pictures of some 3" Magnaflow systems, to compare to mine. I would guess about 6" ground clearance at lowest point.

Am I good or need to do some refitting.

BTW, mine is the ZL1 version since I have a 1LE that came with factory NPP exhaust. But the parts are identical except for the mufflers. Mine has dual outlet and 16483 kit has single outlet mufflers.

Thanks for any help.
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