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Originally Posted by X25 View Post
2014+ models have it in DIC. For older models, you have to have 2SS for the gauges. Anyway, the reading on DIC is a bit rigged. The DIC reading never gets above 266 F, but if you read it from OBD II, it keeps climbing. Even if you read from OBD II, the temp reading is actually calculated(!). It might work well for bone stock cars, but once you start modifying your car, it will clearly be very off. I actually discovered this by installing a giant oil cooler only to read the same temps. Then I read a posting about how these are calculated estimates. In short, to see your real oil temp, you need an oil temp gauge. Apparently, GM has real readings only in dry-sump models like LS7, etc.
Yup, DIC readout is a joke, 266 every time. The 2SS gauge cluster does seem more accurate.
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