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Originally Posted by stratman2SSRS View Post
It shouldn't have come off, and if it rattling around in there that is the cause of your problem??
If that clamp ever loosens, the exhaust will drop.
The clamp on the other side will help it from coming down all the way.
I'm guessing its the problem. I only installed the skip shift, and bent that tab in. It didn't make the rattling noise on the test drive after the install. It has made the noise since the day I got it home. I've owned alota cars in 15 years, and never had a single one have its exhaust loosen on its own. I'm not going to worry about it to much. I got a local muffler shop that I will get to fix it if I ever feel the need to because we all know I would have to leave it all day to get two tiny welds done.
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