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Student ?

Originally Posted by alwayson View Post
I have been a student of break in and oil for some time.

1) Do not rev engine until 30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes for the oil to reach the proper viscosity.

2) Rev away through the entire RPM range, up and down, up and down, up and down. Redline it, and come back down to 0, and then slowly go back up to redline. As long as step 1 has been completed, you cannot damage your engine. Plus you really NEED to do this for proper break in.

3) When you decide to change the oil for the first time, the oil must be HOT for the metal filings to come out. So what you need to do is get the oil hot, and then also let it settle down for 10 minutes or so. Then immediately change it.
As a practicing "break in" specialist who has seated thousands of race engines I do agree with some of what you have outlined just so long asthe engine is on a dynometer and not in the car. You forgot to mention the most important factor. Load factor. Your also referring to engine dyno break in procedures which has no use for people who already have the engine in the car. The dyno break in procedure your referring to can control load in BOTH directions,, up and down through the rpm range. You cant control the decreased rpm load in a car like you can on a dyno so the "up and down" rpm range your referring to has no use at all in a car.,. Free revving or revving with little to no load up and down through the RPM range does little to nothing for ring seating.

I see no reason to use the break in procedure you outlined unless your on an engine dyno!

I despise misinformation and as a professional engine builder and designer I will not let it stand.
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