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Originally Posted by alwayson View Post
Yes you do it while driving, not neutral or park. Thats why I mentioned the long road trip...

30 minutes is not a random number. Thats what I learned on the major oil forum.

To Mr. Morgan, all I meant by "up and down" is to constantly vary the RPM's while driving.

30 minutes of idling or 30 minutes of hard spirited driving? I can see a HUGE difference in the 2. That number is just plain wrong anyways. It takes roughly 3-4 minutes for a motor to reach closed loop mode. Do you know what closed loop mode is? At the 6-7 minute mark the motor will be 100% at full operating temperature, depending on outside ambient temperature, and the load placed on the motor. The oil pump will be able to EASILY flow every ounce of oil throughout the motor withing a few minutes of normal driving. That oil will be at optimum temperature a few minutes after that. Under a loaded scenario, all of these steps will be shortened as well.

I'm not sure where you have been studying to be a student of proper engine break-in.

Here's a simpler way to break a new motor in.

1. Drive the car normally.
2. Don't beat the snot out of it until it is at operating temperature.
3. Don't beat the snot out of it all the time.
4. Drive the car normally.
5. Change the oil at 1000 miles for the 1st oil change.
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