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I thought I was all alone

My friends make fun of me because I have held onto my Camaro even though it has 185,000 miles on it. I have blown the head gaskets, replaced the rack and pinion, and yes, so much more.

I thought something was wrong with me that I could not let this car go. Maybe being nostalgic, trying to hold onto my youth. My husband bought me the car the year I turned 30. Now I'm 40 and we've been a lot of places together. Three kids learned to drive in that car. Even with the head gasket incident, it has never left me on the side of the road.

So I'm feeling like an idiot because I keep trying to keep her going. Then I start realizing there are others like me. I go to the car wash and the attendant tells me to let him know if I ever want to sell it because he wants to buy it. Now I know there are a lot of fine cars running through that car wash so I thought that was interesting. Then I went to Sears to have the alignment done after replacing the rack, and the mechanic asked if the car was for sale. He started telling me how he collects Camaros and he is not the only one.

Then I start looking online after seeing the new Camaro photos in the Car & Driver at the library. Maybe I can hold out for the new release. And I find all you guys. It is good to know I am not alone. Are there other women on the forum? Geez, I am a housewife, entrepreneur, native Floridian transplanted to NJ. My other car is a motorcycle. Neither it nor the Camaro are very good in the winter, but here I am. Joining the club.
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