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Originally Posted by MIT'13 View Post
Sure it said "Vs." but other than where the author commented about the Camaro's suspension was more comfortable, there was no face to face comparison. It says in the article that the GT500 is faster as it should be for a car with 100 more HP and the same weight. No one who knows anything about cars or physics in general would have expected the Camaro to go faster. If the outcome is already known, how can you make these two cars compete?
How? To once again make the Mustang look better. There is no comparing these two models... but they do it to show how great the "Mustang" is... doesn't matter what trim/model. As I said I have yet to see a decent and fair review of both cars. This review/comparison/etc eve has a graph lining up their numbers. This was a botch of an article and should be put in the versus graveyard with all of those other useless posts. Maybe one day someone will do a REAL comparison.

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