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Originally Posted by 2010 CAMARO SS RS View Post
start at medium throttle for .75 second then floor it. when you shift from 1st to 2nd , and so on, take your foot off the clutch really fast and floor it!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will get no wheel spin.
Tried just what you described, otherwise all as "described"! But, had very serious wheelspin (and some wheel hop!) off the line. I tried anything between 1000 and 2000 as starting rpms. 2000 is too much for street tires and 1000 makes it bog! Once it gets up and goes it's a no brainer! chirps 1-2 shift as well as 2-3 shift!
Should I start as Granma? Just babying it off the line, as in any street corner? Or, should I go and buy Drag radials, or worst case: get a driving course
Guess I need more practice

But its fun
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