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Originally Posted by rayhawk View Post
Try slipping the clutch a bit, just ease it out a bit slower when taking off. Try and concentrate on holding the rpm steady, watch the tach and keep it at say 2000rpm. Don't let it drop below 2k. Release the clutch a bit slower than during a normal 1-2 shift or 2-3 shift. As soon as you are almost all the way out with the clutch, roll onto the throttle quickly. Play with the rpm you leave at and the amount of time to let out the clutch until you find the best launch.

Obviously, you have to be careful not to slip it real bad, you probably don't want to put the engine at 5k and slip the clutch for 2 seconds, but you should be able to find a nice range where you get off the line quickly.
Thanks Rayhawk!
I figured it would be something like that, just don't want to burn the clutch. Maybe I was too concerned about that and popped the clutch to quickly. Need to practice, that all!
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