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this car looks nothing like a mustang..and its blasphemy to even talk like mustangs have a monopoly on the thinner stripes.LOL ,i personally had the stripes start at the tip of the hood the same size but they grew bigger to cover the entire top of the hood scoop. but we talked about it and these stripes keep more of the curves than the normal stripes. Nobody has ever even said that it looked anything similar to the mustangs..actually everyone that compares it to any car says it reminds them of the Batmobile..LMFAO its clearly a far superior camaro..LOL..but V8 was never an option really, like i said my first car was a straight 6 so i had to have this in a v6. besides it still has a ton of horsepower and tons of room for more power to be has 30 more hp than my friends 07 mustang GT convertible. thanks for all the criticism though.
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