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Originally Posted by Mohrg Beast View Post
actually this car is far from done.there has to be a ton of clear coating and detailing done to it..the paint is unique and has a 1 week hardening/curing stage..???lol funny stuff.but i guess he didnt get me when i said it needed to be wrap just till the ground when i take it back for the final clear coating and detailing ima point out the little bit he missed, and itll go all the way to the ground effect. believe he thought that was the start of the g/e. but im very happy about it anyway..was gonna go with big stripes but wanted to keep the curves more visable.

I need green halos or any halos for that matter,but cant find any..anyone know where i can pick some up??? mustang stripes..pfffft.blasphemy
Sweet cant wait until its done

I love seeing camaro owners doing something Unique with their camaros

looks great
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