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Originally Posted by Brokinarrow View Post
I seriously doubt that they would make the 'entry level' Camaro require 91 octane, as more people are going to want it for a daily driver, or because they don't have cash to throw at an SS. People in those situations (like myself) don't want to have to spend extra money on gas, and I'm sure this engine will still put out exceptional performance on the standard 87/89 octane.
I don't want to be a wet blanket, but I will. Does anyone know the price difference between 87 octane and 91 octane? It is typically about 20 - 25 cents per gallon. Even at 20 gallons that is a $4 (per tank!) difference. If you can't sqeeze $4 a week, might I recommend a used Chevy Cavalier, or Cobalt. I hear they get excellent mileage.
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