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Originally Posted by kevinw View Post
snaphappy. does the tan show scuff marks, etc? more dirt? i just dont see many tan tops, and i would like something that not everybody else has.
First I'm going to respond, then I'll put up some pics.

Tops on this forum are attacked constantly. Seriously. People actually trade in these cars because they can't stand rub marks and stuff. I could care less. I had 06 stang vert prior to this with a canvas black top. That thing sucked. It was noisy. It leaked. The convertible motor sounded like it was going to die haha.

My top looks luxurious by comparison. It feels marvelous to the touch. It's extremely quiet, has never leaked, I just love it.

I get complimented on my car daily. People always ask me what kind of car is that? No one ever comments on the "ribs" and rub marks. They don't see that. Neither do I.

My top has been snowed on. Driven through a blizzard. Rained on constantly. And it goes through an EVIL carwash about once a week. One day there was the biggest bird crap on my top and I was sure it was going to stain the tan top. Nope. You can't even tell where it was. I have never treated the top. I've never once used the tonneau cover, or however you spell that. I leave it down for days, sometimes as long as a week. And I have about 28,000 miles on it now.

The funny thing is, I know two people that have a victory red and an orange, both with black tops. They tell me every time I see them that they wished they had known a tan top was available. They say my car reminds them of a Ferrari with the victory red and tan top. I always tell them that black tops rock because then you can get black wheels and stripes

Anyway, throw everything I said out the window, because when I post the pics, everyone is going to freak out, I just know it! I hope not. But this subject is really touchy around here
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