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Originally Posted by Jordan23 View Post
First lesson. NEVER speak to police. NEVER. NEVER let them search you without a warrant, even if you have nothing to hide. EVER. Its not against the law for police to lie. Its what they do to get you to give up your rights. If you;re driving, show your license and all car information. You dont have to answer one of their questions. You dont even have to speak to them. Dont let them intimidate you out of your rights. They are your rights to protect you from them. Many cops will say "if you have nothing to hide blah blah blah. Dont fall for it. Its your right to refuse their commie searches of your property.
Originally Posted by Jordan23 View Post
Thats why you dont speak at all. So you do not incriminate yourself even when you think you're not incrminating yourself. Same with searches. For one if you consent and they break something in your car, its on you not the police. Two any cop can put anything in your pocket. Never let them search you without consent. That doesnt really matter. They will just call in the dog with his handler. The handler can easily make a dog get a hit when there is nothing in the car or persons thus giving them legal consent to search. UHHH I get pissed just thinking about the Nazi stops. Youtube is full of videos teaching cops their jobs and our rights.

If you are a passenger in a car record every cop you see. They love breaking traffic laws without their lights on. WHats good for me is good for them.
Originally Posted by Jordan23 View Post
PLus if the cop is going to base his ticket on how I understand and express my rights he shouldnt be a cop anyways.

Please don't listen to this guy and be disrespectful and act like a dick, there are NO do overs ...
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