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I am not from GM Powertrain. I work with GM Performance Parts.

We compared the Ring and Pinion to a G8 setup and they are close but not close enough.

It is a 8.6" plus a little bit from what I am told. American Axle supplies the assembly with components from several vendors.

From what I have observed the center section is made by ZF. The half shafts are made by Delphi.

I have had issues with "one wheel peel" during burnouts at the track.

I had contacted some people at Eaton about making a True Track diff but they have a lot of other priorities at this time.

I have sent a 3.27 R&P to my buddy at Motive in the hopes that they will develop a gear for the Camaro. The center section is aluminum so there is a limit to how much power that will hold.

I noticed that someone talked about building drop in center sections. IMHO this would be the best way to get the gears and diff that we need.

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