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Originally Posted by zebra View Post
Pete, you have a visitor message (from about a week or so ago)

Chris - what my racing friend's helping me realize is that you don't really need a big brake kit unless you're running long sessions that are overheating the ones you have causing them to fade. just get a good set of rotors, pads, & SS lines, and you should be good... unless you're gonna start racing it
Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
The brembos are pretty darn good brakes. I did swap out my rotors, pads, and got stainless steel lines. The ss lines make a BIG difference in how the brakes feel. No more mushy pedal.
That's kinda where I'm headed. My car will see Autox a few times a year... Maybe a road course a couple times a year...

I'm thinkng for now Stock brembos, upgraded rotors Pads and lines.

According to Pete, he thinks for a rid like mine that is a DD, a spare set of wheels and tires is the better use of my money.
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